Sat, Jul

The Taliban are a terrorist group that, apart from other failures, their profits do not reach the people.


Abdullah is in the city of Lashkar Gah Blacksmith, he says he is building a gateway, adding that the Taliban have nothing to do with the fear of other people because they have always forced people to live according to their will, but people have never They do not violate their individual and social liberty for the Taliban.

Abdullah said the people of Helmand's younger generation, for example, have been forced to leave the country because of the Taliban's horror, he said the people of Afghanistan have been torn apart by the Taliban's fears.

Abdullah adds that he expects Afghan soldiers to eliminate all the Taliban nests one day, providing a peaceful life for the people of this province so that everyone can live in peace and tranquility.

Elyas, resident of Garamsir district, says the Taliban are terrorists who have turned the days of the people of the district into darkness.

He says the majority of people have left their houses after the Taliban in the district started to insecurity in the district, now in the center and districts.

Elias said the troops should crack down on the Taliban as they clear people and districts out of the existence of a terrorist Taliban, he said people are always owed to the victims of the security forces, they are happy with the gains of the troops.

Sardar Mohammad, another resident of Garamsir district, says the Taliban is a terrorist group that has no other job than the innocent people's blood and blood.

He said the Taliban in this district have always harassed people, he said security forces have defended their lives to defend their lives and property at the expense of their lives, and now all the people in the district want to be destroyed by the Taliban.

Sardar Mohammed added that people living in the government area are always safe, but living in the Taliban's presence is like a prison, he said nobody can live to their liking, now everyone expects to extend the security situation, to make people out of a bad situation in life. The captives of the terrorists will rescue as much as they want.