Tue, Oct

ANDSF will provide safe life opportunity to the residents of Marja


Since the past few days, Afghan National Security and Defense Forces have launched a major operation by the air support of International Forces in the Marja district of Helmand province, the officials says that many achievements have been achieved during these operations.

Deputy Commander of the 215th Maiwand Corps General Abdul Hadi Tareen, says that the operations in Marja district still continue with major developments, and have been killed several Taliban key commanders and cleared many areas from the Taliban presence.

Gen. Tareen says that the Taliban have destroyed many public highways and covered the roads by mines, which is the caused greater danger to civilian casualties.

According to Tareen, Taliban insurgent’s lost their morale in all Helmand, and the capability and morale of Afghan forces increased, according to him, that many Taliban commanders and members have escape from the areas.

Tareen says the success of ANDSF are on training, equipping and international Forces air support, and strives to provide a safe life opportunity for the civilians.

Deputy Chief of the 215th Maiwand Corps, General Abdul Hadi Tareen, also said that Haji Hafiz, the Taliban intelligence officer for Greshk district, along with 4 other friends and a car bomb were targeted and killed in the Qala-e-Gal area of Gereshk district.

Gen. Tareen says during the ongoing operations they will donate the first aid to the resident of Marja district.