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Commandos use armored vehicles to overwhelm, defeat IS-K in recent Kabul attack


Commandos from the Afghan National Mission Brigade overwhelmed and defeated five IS-K terrorists responsible for the pre-dawn attack near the Afghan National Army’s Marshall Fahim Military Academy in the capital city January 29.

The Commandos deployed within minutes of alert to repel the terrorists. Arriving via two Mobile Strike Force Vehicles, the special operators immediately established blocking and assault positions. The IS-K fighters attempted to maneuver on the Commandos, hoping to attack the special operators with their suicide vests.

The Commandos engaged the terrorists with small arms fire and grenade launchers from the MSFVs. Accurate fire from the Commandos detonated two IS-K fighters’ suicide vests, killing four terrorists and wounding the remaining IS-K member.

Once the engagement was over, Commandos cleared the academy and recovered weapons, ammunitions, and an IS-K flag.

The Commandos’ swift response denied the terrorist their primary objective of indiscriminately killing a larger number of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces.

"I salute the bravery of our security forces,” said Afghan President Ashraf Ghani during a press conference later that same day. "We can no longer wait for peace to come to us, we must win it through collective national resolve.”

The MSFVs provide the Commandos a significant advantage against their adversaries. Seven new Cobra Strike Kandaks – Commando battalions equipped with the MSFVs – are scheduled for fielding by 2020. The first CSK will be operational in early May 2018.

"Their forces have the momentum; their Commandos and their Air Force have never been defeated on the battlefield,” General John Nicholson, commander, NATO Resolute Support mission said in December. "These forces are becoming more professional every day."