Mon, Mar

Military measures were taken for Operation Nosrat in Helmand


General Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai, Commander of the 215th Army Corps Maywand, spoke in a military meeting on how to advance the operation, saying that the forces that take part in the operation are aware of the lives and property of the people.

He said more sites would be created in the operation than the Taliban, the Ahmadzai says the ANA, including the Border Police, and the Police and Public Order Police, and have a constructive role in the operations.

He added that the forces familiar with the combat skills can be successful on the one hand to advance the operation on the one hand, on the other hand, it will not harm the civilian population.

Gen. Khalil al-Rahman Jawad, commander of the fifth, safe and public order, said the forces under his command are ready for any kind of extreme operations because they have fought for years against the enemy.

He said safe and well-trained soldiers with specialist skills can operate in any situation, he said, adding that these forces will play an important role in Nosrat's operations.

He added that the troops in Garmsir, Marjah, Nadali and Nawa districts are now engaged in crackdown on the Taliban, which, he said, is also a member of the forces.

Helmand Police Chief Gen. Abdul Ghafar Safi says the areas where the ANA is refined from the presence of the Taliban, the ANP is required to provide security in these areas because it says the police are in charge of complying with the rules.

He said there are sufficient forces to move in the districts, while the ANA can clean up the districts in military operations, police will move at the same time.

On the other hand, the lawyer of the Helmand Provincial Council, Abdul Majid Akhonzada, says that the military operation under the name of Nosrat will be effective because people are missing from the tyranny of the Taliban group.

He said that the sooner the districts would be cleaned up, government forces would be deployed, along with this section, the local government will be activated so that people can take advantage of government services.

He added that now all the people in the districts are waiting for the government to return, which will soon lead to military operations in all districts of Helmand, the Taliban will leave the districts.