Tue, Oct

President Ghani chairs high level meeting on Kabul security


President Mohammad Ashaf Ghani on Wednesday chaired a high level meeting of the security insitutions regarding the security of capital Kabul.

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, in a statement said the meeting was organized in ARG Presidential Palace on Wednesday morning.

The statement further added that the meeting was attended by the top security officials as well as government officials.

According to ARG Palace, the officials shared their concerns and recommendations to improve the security of the capital.

President Ghani reviewed the report and recommendations shared by the officials during the meeting and emphasized on betterment of security in Kabul.

He said the Kabul Garrison Command should find its specific place in ensuring security of the capital and the other security and defense institutions must work jointly in decision makings to establish a single plan and command based on which the necessary steps should be taken for the betterment of the security of the capital.

President Ghani also emphasized on coordination among the security and defense institutions as well as close cooperation and relations among the security officials.