Sat, Jul

New checkpoints to strengthen security in the Nawa district of Helmand


New security checkpoints of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces established in the Trikh Nawar, Khosro Abad and Sarkhudoz areas of Nawa district, which will lead to the security of the region.

The hope of many residents from ANDSF is to clear the areas from the presence of armed Taliban, so for this demand of the residents, ANDSF started the operation in Nawa district to replace the new security checkpoints.

Police Chief of Nawa District Abdul Karim, says they have started efforts to secure the insecure areas and provide a better life for the residents.

Karim said the construction of new security checkpoints in west and southwestern areas of this district started.

He assures that by the establishment of these new security checkpoints the security will strengthen in green areas, and ask for the resident’s cooperation.

The ANA soldiers in the area also assured from the security, and adding that they are replaced in the areas where armed insurgents had been operating.

This police soldiers request from the residents to increase their cooperation with them, and says we are fighting for the good future and security of the residents.