Thu, Aug

61 civilians freed from Taliban Prison in Helmand province


The Special Operations Corps, 7th SOK Commando Forces conducted a raid on the Taliban prison in Kajaki district of Helmand province, which freed about 61 civilians.

Major Munib Amiry, Commander of the 7th SOK in Helmand, says that last night commando forces conducted a special operation on Taliban prison in Kajaki district Dih Baba area.

According to Mr. Amiry, 61 civilians were freed from the Taliban's prison, two armed Taliban were killed and 7 other suspects were arrested, which have been transferred by commando forces.

He says, residents of different districts included in these prisoners.

Amiry also adds that many oppressions have been carried out by Taliban insurgents with these prisoners.

Mr. Amiry says, in the past three months, during the operations of Commando forces about 332 of civilians and Afghan soldiers in different districts of Helmand province have freed from the Taliban prisons, and will continue such operations on the hideouts and prisons of Taliban, and will not allow the Taliban to threat the lives of civilians.

According to him, this operation have conducted by the cooperation of International forces.

The freed prisoners also thank from commando forces to have rescued them from the tyranny and brutality of Taliban.

According to them, during the prison period they have faced with severe oppressions.