Sun, Oct

Due to good activities of ANP, people's economic activities have increased


People are happy from good activities of ANP in Kandahar and their economic activities have increased as a result of preventing robberies and other adverse events.

Police say that people have participated in the registration process for elections and they can also be sure to participate in the upcoming election.

Zahid Durani, Kandahar police spokesman, said that the police are always ready for the security of people; as people have attended to the registration process for the election without any accident, police will also ready for the election process and people should be sure to vote.

Mohammad Rahim Naeemi, the chief of 5th police station also says, that they are ready for Independence Day, Eid and have complete preparation for the upcoming election process.

Police say that people are always in touch with them and provide information about suspects, criminal or terrorist activities, because the incidents have decreased and ANP allows people to earn halal income that builds the prosperity of the community.

The residents of Kandahar also say that they are happy with good activities of ANP because they go to their jobs, doing their business and the students also go to schools safely.