Sun, Sep

A group of eight Taliban militants joined the peace process in Helmand.


Helmand Governor General Yassin Khan says a Taliban group of 8 people led by Mullah Lal Mohammad joined the peace process with national security efforts, he added. The eight group has been campaigning in different parts of Helmand over the past fifteen years with Afghan troops is.

He said the Afghan government wants peace and security, supports the peaceful efforts of all those who stop fighting, hand over the white flag and hand over the Taliban group's arms, instead delivering the Afghan battalion to the Taliban.

Yassin Khan added that over the past forty years, nothing has been left out of fear, but now all the Taliban leadership knows that the war will not benefit Afghans.

Helmand governor said the Taliban, which will join the peace process, will be safe and secure, but urged other Taliban fighters to stop fighting and fighting to make a positive difference in the situation in the cities of Afghanistan.

 He said the national security and peace councils began with the group of eight people nearly two months ago, but the government finally managed to satisfy them; the group of eight was reluctant to stop fighting.

The Taliban's eight-headed Mullah Lal Mohammed said that he had fought during the past fifteen years, but he did not get anything else, unless he destroyed the people, destroyed the innocent people.

He adds that he regrets the past behavior, but then he wants to have a peaceful and peaceful life alongside his family and relatives.

Lal Mohammed said they were the victims of aliens; Pakistan was the leader of the war, but always ordered the Taliban to defeat the country, kill innocent people and prevent progress.

Helmand provincial council chairman Attauallah Afghan said that the Afghan government and Afghan military support every good action to secure peace and progress every day so that the Taliban will become more integrated into the peace process each day.

He said the government continues to negotiate with small groups, but expects to hold talks with the Taliban at the leadership level to stop other Taliban militants from fighting.