Sun, Sep

Officials: the Taliban insurgents Special Groups are eradicated in Helmand


Helmand provincial officials says, ANDSF have eradicated 9 special units of armed Taliban, which will help with the security situation.

Helmand Governor General Mohammad Yassin Khan, says that the Taliban lost their moral and ability, and can’t fight with Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces or ANDSF. 

He said, that before there were 9 special units of Taliban in Helmand, which were had the activities in different part of this province, but during the few month’s operations and raids of ANDSF all of these groups eradicated.

Mr. Yassin Khan also said, the latest operations of Afghan forces were effective, during which many areas were cleared from the presence of armed Taliban, and key Taliban commanders were killed.

These officials adds that the reasons of armed Taliban weakness in Helmand, are the previous ceasefire, ANDSF and International forces operations, and the pace negotiations.

Helmand Provincial Council Director Attaullah Afghan and the Deputy Director of this Council Aibadullah Alizai, also confirmed that the Taliban are undermined and their special groups eradicated.

They says this is a great opportunity for the Afghan security forces to control many areas.