Fri, Oct

75 militants joined peace process in Nangarhar province


Seventy-Five militants led by five local commanders laid down their weapons and reconciled with Islamic government of Afghanistan in Batikot district of the eastern Nangarhar province.

The reconciliation ceremony of the ex-Taliban militants was participated by several officials, tribal elders, religious clerics, locals and reconciled militants in District Chief Office.

The reconciled Taliban groups were led by five commanders Qari Fazal Rahman, Qari Haqani, Mirza Khan, Zarawar Khan and Sharifudin, officiasl stated.

Provincial Governor of Nangahrar Hayatullah Hayat described joining the Taliban with peace process a heroic action. “thousand Religious scholars of the Islamic world including Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Imams of Masjid Nabawi and Maka Mukarama described the ongoing war in Afghanistan anti-Islamic and called for reconciliation” he continued, “I am happy these brothers say yes to the call of peace of religious scholars and chose the right path of holy Islam.”

Head of Nangarhar National Directorate of Securiity Brig Gen. Nazar Mohammad Wahidi stated today’s reconciliation of the Taliban groups was the result of unity of locals and security forces in the district.

“Islamic government of Afghanistan welcome these brothers who were deceived by the enemies of Afghanistan. It is obvious that there is no religious reason for opposition against the Islamic government and Muslim Afghans. By understanding this fact, this big number of armed Taliban handed over eighty light and heavy weapons to security forces” he added.

Qari Fazal Rahman representing the reconciled companions said that they joined peace process in order to respect the will of the countrymen. “I have performed the armed opposition for ten years in Batikot and other districts. We understood that our people don’t want war so why do we continue to fight the meaningless war” he continued, “We will also guide our other friends who are still in armed opposition to put end to the misery by joining peace process. How active we were in fighting, we will be more active in peace improvement.”

Few months ago, Batikot was important stronghold of armed Taliban. Locals got tired of their cruelties so took their weapons against militants. Meanwhile, ANDSF started military operations as a result the miltiants were greatly suppressed.

A member of the reconciled group Qari Rohani appreciated government for the warm welcome and forgiving their crimes against the country and people. “As we were under pressure from our leaders to perform any kind of destructive activities and torture the locals, the gap between us and people was increasing day by day” he said.

He added, “People wanted development and peaceful life but they couldn’t get it in presence of Taliban. Where there was government control, there was development and tranquility. They started to support the government and security forces came to help the people. In the fighting, several Taliban were killed, injured or fled. We were also tired of fighting. Fortunately, we got the chance to return to normal along with our companions. it is fact that life without peace is nothing. I and the other friends are very happy today.”

Meanwhile, local residents, religious clerics and community leaders gathered in a session to express support with security forces and government.

The participants reassured the reconciled groups of Taliban that they can live in the community in peace without fear.

A tribal elder Musa Khan stated, “Alhamdulilah, we can enjoy peaceful life here. It is all due to unity of government, security forces and locals. our unhappy brothers are back stand beside us. We will together work for prosperity in the home villages. It is our hope to live in brotherhood and harmony.”