Fri, Oct

Crime drops to lowest point in 18 years


ANDSF efforts against crime in Afghanistan have proven successful over the last year. The approach taken by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has been a systematic crackdown on criminal activity, which has involved the citizens in identifying suspicious persons and illegal acts. The release of 222 wanted lists was met with great response, motivating Afghan citizens to turn in criminals.

“The overall crime graph in Afghanistan has dropped 70 percent,” said Nusrat Rahimi, acting spokesman for MoI. “We have put more strength and gravity against all who disturb public order and safety.”

The coordination between the Afghan National Police (ANP) and the Afghan National Army (ANA) played a major role in fighting crime. The partnership of these two honorable entities allowed for a successful fight against all forms of activity harmful to Afghan citizens, including insurgent activity to organized crime, illegal drugs and trafficking. On January 25th of this year, the crime rate dropped to its lowest point in more than 18 years.

Criminals have been arrested for theft, banditry, disturbing public order, kidnapping and murder. The police in Kabul continuously communicate with the citizens and inform criminals throughout the city of their option to surrender before being caught in their illegal acts. Kabul Police Chief Lt. Gen Sayed Mohammad Roshandil, who was the commander of Special Forces for 14 years, previously called for a reinforcement of the ANP’s strength, as well as its reputation. The results have been very positive.

“The aim of these measures was to strengthen the security of our city and answer the concerns of the people,” said Lt. Gen Roshandil. “We continue to introduce lawbreakers to justice.”

MoI has continually released wanted lists throughout the year that have garnered significant support and helpful feedback from the citizens. An initial list of 16 individuals accused of land-grabbing was published for public view. A list was then published with names of illegal power-brokers. Recently, a list of 27 drug dealers was posted in Kabul. The ANP are grateful for the proud Afghan citizens that are willing to report information and criminals.

The success of the lists has resulted in the surrender of many individuals published. The others are continually arrested. Many of the lists have been completely satisfied. The credit goes to both the planning and execution done by MoI and the ANDSF, as well as the cooperation from the citizens.

“Our nation has laws and we are all equally responsible to follow those laws,” said Amiry Nasib, a Kabul resident. “We respect the bravery and dignity of our forces and we are hopeful for a day when criminals have no support in our cities.”

Our ANDSF are working around the clock, throughout the country to protect the lives and property of Afghan citizens, ensure public order and safety, as well as implementing the laws of this country both equally and fairly. The decrease in crime over the last year and the improvement of Afghan lives is a direct result of these efforts, and we are thankful for the service of these heroes and their dedication to this country.