Fri, Oct

The Afghan government has declared a nationwide national day of mourning over the recently deadly attacks including the brutal massacre of civilians in Kabul attack on Saturday.The Cabinet Secretariat has said President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has instructed that the national flag should put at half-mast across all governmental institutions as well as the diplomatic missions outside the country.

The Afghan Air Force on Tuesday received the second batch of UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters as efforts are underway to bolster the capabilities of the Afghan national defense and security forces.
The second batch of the helicopters was handed over during a ceremony held in Kandahar air field.

Since the past few days, Afghan National Security and Defense Forces have launched a major operation by the air support of International Forces in the Marja district of Helmand province, the officials says that many achievements have been achieved during these operations.

The Afghan National Defense Security forces with help and support of international community defeat the Taliban Manssori operation not only in Kunduz, Baghlan and other parts of the country, but they advanced wider their operations by fighting and chasing Taliban from village to village.

Afghan National Defense and Security Forces supported by the respected countrymen are engaged in providing a peaceful life and prosperity nationwide. Most parts of Alishang district of Laghman province was reportedly cleared of militants’ presence during recent military operations.

In addition, security posts of local police and national army were established for permanent security there.

Gen. Fazal Ahmad Shirzad, Police Chief of Laghman thanked residents of the district for helping in ensuring security.

He said, “It is an example of good cooperation between ANDSF and locals in fighting against those deteriorating security and putting lives of innocent countrymen in danger.”

He reassured the people that more efforts will be done in order to bring more security improvement in other parts of the district.

Gen. Shirzad, “A security post of Local police and ANA forces was established in Tarnak area. It is a strategic point. Presence of security forces will not let enemies of Afghanistan to perform destructive activities.”

Residents of Alishang appreciated security forces for improvement of security in their area and urged to expand military operations to other parts of the district.

Noor Agha, a resident of Khawar village said, “The roads were closed. People couldn’t travel without fear. It was problematic to perform economic activities and send our children to schools. Now it is good. We are optimistic for development of our area by improvement of security.”

Religious cleric from Laghman Gull Anwar called upon locals to defend their religious and country values as well as protect innocent lives from harms of enemies of humanity by helping security forces.

“The enemies of Afghanistan don’t want the Muslim people to live in peace and perform their religious activities without fear. They want disorder, insecurity and return to the past by waging war. We need to stand against the enemies by standing beside honest national security forces.”

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