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The Afghan National Defense Security forces with help and support of international community defeat the Taliban Manssori operation not only in Kunduz, Baghlan and other parts of the country, but they advanced wider their operations by fighting and chasing Taliban from village to village.

Afghan National Defense and Security Forces supported by the respected countrymen are engaged in providing a peaceful life and prosperity nationwide. Most parts of Alishang district of Laghman province was reportedly cleared of militants’ presence during recent military operations.

In addition, security posts of local police and national army were established for permanent security there.

Gen. Fazal Ahmad Shirzad, Police Chief of Laghman thanked residents of the district for helping in ensuring security.

He said, “It is an example of good cooperation between ANDSF and locals in fighting against those deteriorating security and putting lives of innocent countrymen in danger.”

He reassured the people that more efforts will be done in order to bring more security improvement in other parts of the district.

Gen. Shirzad, “A security post of Local police and ANA forces was established in Tarnak area. It is a strategic point. Presence of security forces will not let enemies of Afghanistan to perform destructive activities.”

Residents of Alishang appreciated security forces for improvement of security in their area and urged to expand military operations to other parts of the district.

Noor Agha, a resident of Khawar village said, “The roads were closed. People couldn’t travel without fear. It was problematic to perform economic activities and send our children to schools. Now it is good. We are optimistic for development of our area by improvement of security.”

Religious cleric from Laghman Gull Anwar called upon locals to defend their religious and country values as well as protect innocent lives from harms of enemies of humanity by helping security forces.

“The enemies of Afghanistan don’t want the Muslim people to live in peace and perform their religious activities without fear. They want disorder, insecurity and return to the past by waging war. We need to stand against the enemies by standing beside honest national security forces.”

Thousands of people lost their lives because of the mines in Afghanistan and this process still continues. The insurgents are placing the mines for the security forces and the local people are getting hit by these mines. In the same time the Afghan security forces have defused thousands of mines that were planted by insurgents in different parts of the country.

Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) fight day and night against those groups attempting to deteriorate security and put the lives of respected countrymen in danger. Tears of happiness flows form the eyes of the father whose eight year old child was released from kidnappers’ hands by the brave security forces in the Eastern Nangarhar province.

The innocent child was kidnapped by a criminal group for ransom few days ago in Chaparhar district of the province. Two suspects were arrested linked to the kidnapping during operations conducted for release of the child.

Nangarhar Police Chief Gen. Abdul Rahman Rahim stated, “It is holly duty of ANDSF members to protect the lives of innocent people from dirty plots of criminals.”

He also said that 12 terrorists were killed and several others wounded in the past few days during ground and aerial military operations in different parts of Nangarhar.

“67 suspects were also arrested in linking to robberies, kidnappings, killings and other criminal activities. In addition, 26 different types of weapons and more than 14 thousand bullets were seized” he said.

Father of the rescued child, who was seemingly very happy, appreciated police for giving new life to his child. “There is no sweater thing than a child. Police rescued a part my heart. I don’t have enough words to praise their performances.”

He called upon people to cooperate with security forces in order to get more successes in ensuring security. “We need to stand beside these good people. They are really in our service. I realize this.”

Mursal Karimi, a social activist insisted that as much as security forces get stronger that much security will be improved. “We see that security forces, day and night, offer happiness and peaceful life to the people. Cooperation of people gives them strength.”

On one hand the cruel enemies of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and respected Afghans lose place in the community, on the other ANDSF get remarkable achievements in fighting against the terrorists nationwide.


Officials reported that military operations started in Khogiani district in order to deter infighting of militants and prevent entering of Daesh affiliates to strategic location of Wazir Valley of Khogiani district of the eastern Nangarhar province.

Brig Gen. Mohammad Habib Hesari, Deputy Chief of Staff of ANA in a visit to the mentioned district reported that 37 Daesh and Taliban militants received casualties during the operations.

“21 Terrorists were killed and 16 others wounded in the ongoing operations. Terrorist groups will face surprising defeat in Khogiani too. Brave security forces here standing with their people in order to protect them from militants’ cruel activities.”

Commander of Border Police Gen. Mohammad Ayoub Husainkheil informed that new bases are going to be established in the strategic frontier locations to ensure security and avoid movements of terrorist groups.

He said, “The security bases will be established in Askarkheil, Karamkheil, Perakheil, Shorakheil, Zawa, Sangani and Wazir Tangi of Khogiani district as well as in Markekheil area of Shirzad district.

Gen. Abdul Rahman Rahimi, Nangarhar Police Chief, emphasized that terrorists have been heavily suppressed in Nangarhar and they lost the ability to achieve their sinister goals.

“Terrorists lost the resources which helped them to deteriorate security in other parts of Nangarhar. Now both groups are here fighting each other to find escaping way and place for living but security forces will not let them stay in peace” he remarked.

Locals welcomed the military operations and announced support with security forces. Ajmal Omar, Member of Provincial Council and Khogiani districts’ prominent tribal elder, is optimistic that the recent ANDSF efforts will cause improvement of security.

“Every individual is ready to stand side by side with their security forces in fighting against the enemies. The government should also provide essential services to the affected people besides ensuring security” he insisted.

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