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ANDSF endeavour not only in ensuring better security but also in fighting against the entire anti-Islamic phenomenon including drug trafficking, cultivation and production. Recently, 13 tons of different narcotics were seized by security forces and torched in the eastern Nangarhar province.

NGR Narcotics Torched

National Army Commandos in Western Afghanistan say that commando operations with the support of the NATO forces had a positive impact on the improvement of the security situation in Farah province and they provided better living conditions for the residents of this province.

Farah Commando Operations

Local villagers from Esa-e-Khail, Dorman, Meir, Kharotei, Wardakeha and surrounding villages of Chahardarah village of Kunduz honor the successful operation and bravery of Afghan special force during night raid operation in Chahardarah village of Kunduz province resulted law enrolment in vast area of there and put end in illegal movement of Taliban militants.

Shamsulhaq is proud of being member of ANDSF FMT BGLKunduz North

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