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When insurgents threatened the peaceful lives of Nangarhar citizens, the ANDSF stepped in. But ridding the area of militants was only the beginning of the government’s support for the area. Once the communities were cleared of terrorists, GIRoA representatives met with local officials, citizens, and elders to listen to their needs and offer solutions. One of the requests from locals was for a permanent security presence, so GIRoA committed to establishing ANDSF bases.

Eid celebrations give message of peace and brotherhood to the Muslims. Eid festivities celebrated by Muslim Afghans in peace, thanks to unity, commitment and close cooperation of people and ANDSDF in the eastern Nangarhar province.

Gulab Mangal greet ANDSF on EIDul Fitr Day

The people and National Security Forces work together to clear all parts of the country from Daesh. Recently, as a result of fighting with the ANDSF, Daesh militants fled to Tora Bora, one of the most complicated mountainous areas in the eastern Nangarhar province, but security forces with great support of locals suppressed Daesh there and cleared all parts from the terrorist group.


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