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The main road to Kandahar from Uruzgan was destroyed by the insurgents and that was creating many problems for the people of Urozgan and even many people lost their lives that was not able to come to Kandahar city for treatment. Afghan security forces and Afghan government started new road to Urozgan which is nearer and easy to connect these provinces together.

Fourteen construction projects for female police soldiers were opened by Ambassador of Korea and interior ministry officials in western Herat province. Herat deputy Chief of Police said the projects include the conversion of clothes, prayers, and the recruitment of children to the female police in Herat.

Female Police Herat Projects

Peace, stability and assured security are the things which pave the way for reconstruction and development. And beside this, the availability of possible facilities in the framework of government for workers results in providing services according to the expectations of the people.

Appelate Court Corner Stone

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