Sat, Jul

Zabul residents are gaining better access to district center



Officials say construction and asphalting of an important road started in Zabul province and will be completed in the next four months.

Zabul Road Const


Rural rehabilitation and development directorate director Mohammed Qasam Popal says the road is located in Shahjoy district and is connecting district center with Chinay area where more than 5000 families are living.


He said the road, which is 9.2 km long, will costs 2.2 million USD and it’s being funded from the government’s development budget.


According to Mr. Popal, the project is the biggest among their development schemes beyond the urban areas.


He said during the implementation of the project 100-120 local jobless people will have the opportunity to work and earn money.


Sadiqullah 37, a resident of the Chinay area in Shahjoy district said “Our requests are getting a positive answer and we appreciate the Afghan government for asphalting our road.”


He said during winter time they were facing challenges on this road and at times it was closed. However, after this construction, 5000 families won’t face such difficulties any more.