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Cornerstone of a New Building for Appeal Prosecution


Peace, stability and assured security are the things which pave the way for reconstruction and development. And beside this, the availability of possible facilities in the framework of government for workers results in providing services according to the expectations of the people.

Appelate Court Corner Stone

Recently, in Khost province, modern buildings are reconstructed for many government administrations by International Welfare Organizations and with the support of the developing budget of the government and after this accomplishment positive changes were seen in the work of related organizations.

The recent project of this kind was the construction of the building for the Appeal Prosecution of Khost province which will solve more problems of the workers of the Appeal Prosecution.
The building is going to be reconstructed in three stories in western part of Khost city and will cost 36 Million AFs from the developing budget of Attorney General’s Office.

Governor of Khost province, Hukam Khan Habibi, says in order to be possibly to solve different cases in this province, to be accelerated the work of Appeal Prosecution and to be carried out the work for the people on time, there was a need for a modern building which will have all the necessary facilities.

Mr. Hukam Khan Habibi says: “We felt the need for the building of the Appeal Prosecution of Khost province in order for all working to be accelerated. This building will have all the necessary equipment, it will cost about 40 million AFs and the reconstruction work will take about 1 and half years. We try our best and we pay special attention to the administrative part of work of the magistrates to enable them to provide quality services to the people after we solve their problems and beside the city center, we also try to pay special attention to districts.

From the other side, the chief of the Appeal Prosecution of Khost province, Rahimullah Ramih, also calls reconstruction of the building a necessity in the administrative part of their work.

He said in this regard: “Several years the Appeal Prosecution of Khost province didn’t have a standardized building to have all the facilities and after the reconstruction of the building we will have all the possible facilities and we will be able to provide quick services to the people according to their request in the framework of law. Compared to earlier time, now the trust of people has enhanced in judgmental administrations”.

During last fourteen years, there were only few departments and administrations which didn’t have any building but most of them which have modern buildings, not only made their services better but the trust of the people also enhanced.