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Connecting Kandahar-Urozgan with a new road


The main road to Kandahar from Uruzgan was destroyed by the insurgents and that was creating many problems for the people of Urozgan and even many people lost their lives that was not able to come to Kandahar city for treatment. Afghan security forces and Afghan government started new road to Urozgan which is nearer and easy to connect these provinces together.

The security officials say that ongoing work on the new road of Kandahar-Urozgan is going very fast and there is no security problem.

They said that insurgents were making problems to people on highway of Kandahar-Urozgan and they have destroyed the road so the Afghan security forces find second way for them and now the Afghan government is making road on that way so the people of Urozgan get easy access to come to Kandahar city.

Recently the deputy commander of 205th Hero Corps and the technical advisor of ministry of public work and their engineering team visited to the contrasting spot and observe the ongoing construction from near.

They said that the ongoing work on this road is going fast and there is no security problems which means it won’t take much time that people will start traveling on this road after its construction. They said that after one and half month this road will be ready for the people to use.

The deputy commander of 205th Hero Corps, MG. Abdul Rahman Parwani says that the security responsibility of the ongoing project is on the hand of Afghan national army and there is no security issue.

He says that National Army is working hard to not let anyone to create problems to ongoing work on the road of Kandahar-Urozgan. He promised to the people that they will start traveling on this road in coming one and half month without any security problems.

The technical advisor from public work ministry Nizamudin Hamidi said thanks to the National army who took the responsibility of the security on this area.

He said that it would be hard to apply this project without the help of the people and Afghan security forces.

He added, “We are thankful from the Afghan national army for all their efforts in making this road and its security. We are thankful especially from its engineering team that help us allot and they made it possible to make this road as soon. This road may take one and half more month and after that we will be witness of inauguration of this road. We were here to see the construction of this road and we are very happy from the ongoing work.”

The road between Kandahar and Urozgan was ruin by the insurgents and many people lost their lives on the attached mines by the insurgents.

People were in problem by the previous road but soon they will start traveling on the new road of Kandahar-Urozgan. The officials say that this road will decrease many problems of the people of Urozgan and they will be able to easily travel to Kandahar city.