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The long term support of International Community changed the ANSF to an experienced, equipped and capable force in conducting independent operations against the enemies of Afghanistan to bring peace and security in the country.

The young generation represents the future of a country and that is the reason why more time and energy should be devoted in bringing up every child.


907-tv-nmi-gop-15-Our society witnessed Afghan air force grouth, not only in the number of professional pilots as well as air fleet, both cargo and fight.

895-TV-NMI-CIN-15-001I was born in an ordinary town of Afghanistan… I used to play on the streets when I was a child… I used to dream I would become a doctor…to heal people, but my step had driven me into a wrong direction, I caused a lot of destruction and I made a lot of innocent people suffer as they are not my enemy.

894-TV-NMI-BIW-15-001‘One flower doesn’t bring spring’ but many are

It’s time to give hands to each other and work together for a prosper and peaceful Afghanistan.

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