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891-tv-nmi-cin-14-008Islam, a religion of peace, forbids any kind of violence that harms Islamic values and honor of humanity.

Every day we are praying for a better life!

Every day we take care of our families and communities!

Every day we need security!

889-tv-coc-il-006Now the ANSF are well-quipped and better trained. We have the strength and dare to defend our country’s honors and sovereignty.

887-TV-NMI-REC-14-007In the lead for security for more than a year and a half now, ANSF have proven their capacity and capability to provide security for all the people. Their success against insurgent forces all around the country is a testament to their competence and fighting spirit.

Voting is the most powerful right of citizenship in a democratic society, and millions of Afghans, men and women voted for the success of democracy, for a united and powerful Afghanistan.

Afghan security forces are now successfully providing security for people. Well-equipped and well trained they are ready to carry out any kind of sacrifice and service, any time under any circumstances.

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