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869-tv-coc-ec-14-008-dari_f6-480p-4x3IC is working closely with the Afghan government and private sector organizations to provide good services and a better life for afghan population.

869-tv-coc-ec-14-008-dari_f6-480p-4x3The success of our society resides in the perspective we give to our children.Children need healthcare, a healthy environment, education and access to services to grow and bring positive changes in our communities.

864-safetyThe future of Afghanistan should be brighter…
Unfortunately unexploded ordnance such as mines, shells, military ammunition, old aviation bombs still make victims among the people.

859-long-live-Afghanistan   I remember so clear how we rejected the intimidations
and we’ve used the tool of choice to express our will.


856--successful-partnershipAfter years of common sacrifices, ISAF transitioned the security responsibilities to a strong ANSF, capable and determined to protect the people of Afghanistan.

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